About Us

The Write Media Group, LLC is a public relations firm specializing in effectively communicating your messages to YOUR audience.  Our expert team brings passion, creativity, and enthusiasm to every project. From writing services to full service public relations and media relations, we are ready to help you take your brand to the next level.

The Write Media Group is the right media group for you!  Connect with us and let us provide you with more information about how our services can meet your specific needs.

Public Relations

We create effective strategies designed to enhance your brand.

  • Public speaking
  • Job Interviewing
  • Grammar and writing
  • Media Training for Radio/Television/Print Interviews
  • Resume Writing
  • Content Editing
  • Website Content Writing

Writing Services

Our highly skilled and creative development team will handle all of your writing needs.

  • Ghostwriting (books and blogs)
  • Bio creation and/or updating
  • Press kits (press releases, media advisories, fact sheets, statements)
  • Speech writing
  • Business writing (proposals, documents, letters)
  • Editing services (books, articles, research, research papers and more)
  • Feature stories
  • Web content management
  • Grammar and writing workshops for all ages

Media Services

We craft compelling and engaging press kits and properly prepare you for all print, television, and radio opportunities

  • Coordination, management, and generation of publicity and interviews
  • Publicist agreements
  • Establishment of client identity while building presence on mass media platform
  • Development and dissemination of press kits
  • Promotion of services, events, and talent for
  • Increase client visibility through radio, television, and print media interviews
  • Media tracking
  • Crafting deliverables that tailor to specific audiences
  • Media and public speaking training available


Corporate, business, and individual workshops and trainings are available for youth and adults.

  • Media Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing Workshops include:
    • Vision building and Goal Setting
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business Communications
    • Resume writing
    • Essay Writing
    • Customer Service
    • Measuring Success

Book Publishing and Layout Services

  • Book Development
  • Editing, Proofreading, Layout
  • Book Cover Design
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing and Promotional Materials (social media design elements)


The Write Media Group, LLC does not represent healthcare clients



According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA),

“Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Simply put, it is the process of developing a strategy that ensures that important messages and intentions of an organization are accurately shared to all relevant audiences. PR professionals, publicist, and spokespersons are created to make sure that your story is told the right way to as many people who need to hear it and those who can benefit from your organization the most.

Still don’t understand? It’s ok, call us and we will handle it all for you!