Executive/Career/Personal Coaching

We collaborate with you, through an interactive process, to help you build a stronger understanding of your strengths while developing appropriate strategies for effectiveness and success in the next step in your journey.

Branding Consulting

We help you create customized blueprint using effective strategies designed to enhance your brand and increase visibility


Our highly skilled and creative development team will handle all of your writing needs. We also do book development and layout design.
From ghostwriting, editing and proofreading to content development we are ready to help!

Why Choose Us

The Strategy Coach, Dr. Melva Robertson, aims to help leaders, organizations, and individuals develop effective strategies to achieve their goals and produce successful outcomes.

Through workshops, coaching, and consulting, we uncover the endless possibilities that lead to the achievement of business, personal, and leadership development goals.

The key to our success is that we listen to your needs and partner with you to customize an action plan designed specifically with you in mind. We want to help you identify goals, identify strengths, and create strategies that result in clarity, growth and success.

Client Spotlights

Faye Shaw
Author/Motivational Speaker

Melva Robertson’s writing and editing skills are unmatched. Her level of expertise and the strategy that she developed, helped me achieve my dreams as a published author!

Carrisa Jones
President, Every Girl Shines

Melva Robertson has almost two decades of phenomenal leadership and subject matter expertise within the communications and branding industries. I’m experienced many examples of her talents and have long been impressed with her character, diligence, and work ethics.

Karen Rodgers

I had heard the concept of branding bandied about for years, but was never sure what it meant; but thanks to this book, now I know. Author Melva B. Robertson did an amazing job of bringing the high level concept of branding down to where we can understand and apply it.

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