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The Britney Gardner Show: Narrow Your Niche

Melva Robertson, experienced publicist, writer and public relations professional, and I discuss how to tighten your niche and move beyond generic services. We talk about figuring out your target audience and then moving into how to communicate with them effectively.


  • Melva and I discuss target audiences and subgroups of your target audience
  • Why it’s worth taking the time to figure out your target audience before you try to package up your service in a pretty bow
  • How to figure out where your target audience is hanging out so you can communicate with them
  • Branding yourself to your target audience while remaining authentic to yourself
  • The definition of branding–it’s your reputation, not what you put out there (read: not your logo and colors)
  • How to live out your brand and also be a real person living life
  • Melva tells us about her book and how it helps emerging entrepreneurs
  • How to turn your dreams into attainable strategies



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